Welcome to Echangeseo

Echangeseo is a platform that allows you to make advertisements to promote your website, your business, your products on the net. The system is completely free for those who have a website. If you want to gain visibility on the net, have lots of customers, increase your traffic, sign up for this system. You will get a geo-localized target audience.

    Echangeseo is a system based on two methods:
  • Link exchange
  • Display of advertisements

Link exchange is a method of sharing your links with other members. You visit other people's sites to earn points. In return, they too will visit your site. You can set the length of time members will stay on your site. If you don't have time to visit the member links of the network, you can purchase points directly from the site.

Advertising serving is a method of sharing your ads with partner sites that meet your criteria. An advertisement is shared if and only if the number of remaining views is greater than 0 or the number of clicks remaining is greater than 0 or the delivery time has not expired. If you register an advertisement, you will automatically have an html code to put on your site. As long as the html code your advertisement will still be displayed. If you remove the code from your site, our system will automatically detect and your ad will also be removed from our system if it does not have a valid package. Those who do not have a website to insert the html code, you can pay a flat rate which will allow you to show your advertising. There are duration packages, display packages, and click packages. An ad is shared if it has at least one of these three valid plans.
Echangeseo offers you 5000 free postings per registered advertisement.

    Why choose us?

  • Our partners are in more than two years countries in the world
  • Our advertisements are adapted to all platforms (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • Our advertisements are geo-localized
  • Our service is completely free for webmasters.
  • You will have real time statistics of your advertising.
  • Our system has a manager that allows you to easily manage your advertisements.

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